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Cloudhelix is proud to announce success in the recent G-Cloud 6 framework, we are now able to supply services within Lot 1?—?Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and Lot 4?—?Specialist Cloud Services.

Angus Malcolm, Technical Director, commented “We are thrilled to be part of G-Cloud 6, enabling government departments, agencies and public bodies with a cost effective and expedient way to access, shortlist and purchase government-approved IT Cloud services. A wide range of Cloudhelix’s hybrid hosting, disaster recovery and storage acceleration services will be available to the public sector to purchase via the framework”.

CIC?—?Cloudhelix Infrastructure Compute Service

The CIC Service is a VMware vCloud Powered IaaS service leveraging VMware ESXi and vCloud Director, some of the key benefits are;

  • 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee
  • UK based data residency and technical resource
  • Scale your infrastructure as and when you need
  • Pay for today’s infrastructure resource rather than tomorrow’s envisaged requirements
  • OPEX based financials as opposed to a traditional CAPEX model
  • Frees up in-house resource to deliver services rather than platforms
  • Additional infrastructure resources can be added on the fly
  • Fully managed or self-service options available
  • No termination costs when using the PAYG model
  • Includes DNS, Firewall and external IP addresses as standard
CDR?—?Cloudhelix Disaster Recovery Service

The CDR Service is a Zerto based Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service (DRaaS) which leverages Hypervisor Replication providing an RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of seconds, key benefits are;

  • Cost-effective Cloud Disaster Recovery Service
  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) measured in seconds
  • Manage test and live failovers yourself
  • Quick and easy to setup, implement and use
  • Simple way to achieve a robust DR plan
  • Regularly run failover tests quickly and easily
  • Failback as easily as your failover
  • UK based data residency and technical resource
  • OPEX based financial model as opposed to CAPEX
  • Requires no storage configuration or re-organisation
CBR?—?Cloudhelix Backup & Restore Service

The CBR Service leverages Veeam 8.1 and is suitable for VMware Private/Public and Hybrid Cloud environments providing the following benefits;

  • Storage agnostic
  • Meet RPOs & RTOs?—?restores available in minutes
  • Cloud repository can be used as backup copy job target
  • An easy way of following the 3–2–1 backup rule
  • Automated recovery verification
  • Full server restores required less often
  • Quick and easy to setup, implement and use
  • Simple way to achieve a robust, tested backup plan
  • UK based data residency and technical resource
  • Requires no storage configuration or re-organisation
CSA?—?Cloudhelix Storage Acceleration Service

The CSA Service is a read/write storage acceleration service leveraging PernixData FVP, suitable for VMware Private Cloud environments providing the following benefits;

  • Reduces storage latency to microsecond levels and facilitates linear scaling
  • Faster virtualized applications, average 10x better Virtual Machine response times on average
  • Resolves storage performance issues and storage latency
  • Provides read and fault-tolerant write acceleration
  • Non-disruptive installation with no VM downtime required to undertake install
  • Solves the age-old problem of I/O bottlenecks
  • De-couples storage capacity from storage performance
  • Fully supported by VMware and integrates with the VMware Hypervisor as an add-in module
  • Works on all workloads and hosts with no changes to VMs, servers, or storage
  • Storage no longer needs to be added for performance?—?simply for additional capacity
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