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Running your business on a hybrid cloud platform means you can access multiple cloud locations and host your workloads in various ways. This is beneficial when it comes to flexibility and distribution, but poses some challenges for backing up your data. What is hybrid cloud backup and how does it work?

Hybrid cloud backup is effective, but it is certainly different from the traditional backup system you may know. Here, we’ll answer your questions and explain why hybrid cloud backup is a good thing.

What is Hybrid Cloud Backup?

First things first. Hybrid cloud backup involves both your cloud system and your on-premise situation. With a hybrid cloud backup setup, you will use an on-site dedicated storage system, such as a network-attached storage appliance.

This on-site storage is your local backup target, keeping something handy for you on-premise in case you need to quickly access a backup. Anywhere you have offices or do work, this on-site storage is in place. Data backs up to these devices automatically.

Next, the same backups will synchronise to the cloud as a regularly scheduled background task. If you need to access data from off site, or your on-site data is compromised for whatever reason, the same information exists in the cloud so it’s always there for your purposes.

In this type of system, there is always communication between both parts of your hybrid environment, so the data matches. This is important, as you always want the most up to date backup available whether you are accessing it from the cloud or on premise.

Another option, quite similar in structure, is backup as a service.

With a cloud or premise-based universal backup suite, your company can rely on a complete backup solution that works across multiple platforms and clouds. All of the tech is in place, and best yet, it comes with expert assistance and support designed to make backups a seamless yet reliable part of your company’s infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud backup, in any form, makes it so that you can set it and forget it. Your data is there if you need it, and your backups practically take care of themselves.

Hybrid Cloud Backup vs. Traditional Backup

In a traditional backup system, you would be creating daily data backups to your tape or disk system, scheduled around your needs. It’s a similar concept to the first part of the hybrid cloud backup system, but it is missing a crucial piece — the cloud.

When you use a traditional backup system, you rely on the storage appliance fully. If the data is corrupted on the appliance, you cannot access it. If a physical disaster wipes out your office location and the appliance, you cannot access it. If you require a data backup from a different office location, you will have to wait until you can get to that location to access it.

Without the cloud, you can back up your data, but accessing it from anywhere, at any time, becomes a lot more difficult.

The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup

Clearly, one of the big benefits of the hybrid cloud backup system is access. The cloud goes anywhere you go, and your data will go there, too. Your information is always available and there for rapid recovery.

Disasters are commonplace, whether you are dealing with a physical emergency like fire or flood, or corrupted data or the aftermath of a virus. When your data is backed up on the cloud, these disasters are easier to overcome. You can always trust that your information is stored safely off site, so even if your NAS is in pieces on the floor, your important info is safe and easy to restore.

With hybrid cloud backup, you can scale your data storage as needed. If you think you want to store more historic backup data, or add a new office location and need somewhere to host its backup info, no problem! Easily add more capacity to your cloud system and your data has a safe, roomy home. On the flip side, if you find that you are producing less data for backups, scale down your capacity and save money.

The whole point of a data backup is to give you piece of mind, providing you with the ability to act quickly if you need to restore your info for any reason. Hybrid cloud backup provides this across a distributed cloud system.

Our Approach to Backups and Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery services are comprehensive, designed to meet the needs of enterprises. Whether you are running just one location, or a multinational corporation with all kinds of data to content with, we can help you corral it into a manageable backup and disaster recovery system.

Our goal is to take care of the planning and infrastructure for you, giving you peace of mind without needing you to worry about the details. You can rely on our expertise to ensure that your data is safe, secure and accessible, on-premise and in the cloud. We know that every second counts for your company, and that time is money. With our top-notch backup and recovery systems, crippling outages and downtime will be things you can gladly overcome, looking forward to a brightly backed up future.

We would love to talk to you about how cloud-based backups and disaster recovery can change the way you handle your data. You can email us at to start the conversation.

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