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Ekco, Europe’s fastest growing security-first cloud services provider, has strategically extended its security service offering with added Attack Surface Management (ASM) capabilities, thanks to a new partnership with watchTowr.

Ekco has traditionally offered a robust managed security service catalogue to its MSSP customers, and the addition of watchTowr’s ASM capabilities will give an immediate and contextualised understanding of the weaknesses on their customers’ perimeter, swiftly hardening the IT environment at areas of maximum opportunity for cyber criminals.

The combination of Ekco’s expertise, allied with watchTowr’s technology , will enable Ekco and their customers to drastically reduce the time required to detect and address emerging vulnerabilities in their external attack surface – cutting it down from weeks or months to mere hours. This will enable customers to focus on what matters – their business.

Speaking on the launch of this new service, Lee Driver, Director of Managed Security Services at Ekco, said: “This is a strategic extension of our current capabilities to be able to better detect and respond to threats in our customer environments. Our partnership with watchTowr further evolves the capability of our Security Services to our customers. You can only defend against the cyber threats when you understand the attackers.”

“We are not even halfway through 2024 – and organisations have already had to deal with a year of serious, exploitable vulnerabilities in critical systems and software. At the same time, we’ve seen attackers broaden their tactics and techniques to include numerous attacks, including credential stuffing and supply-chain-focused attacks.

This reality, combined with a significant reduction in the time typically taken by attackers to weaponize vulnerabilities–in some cases, in as little as 5 hours–reflects how aggressive and persistent ransomware gangs and other attackers have become.

We are excited to partner with Ekco to provide this highly effective solution for preventing breaches.” commented Benjamin Harris, Founder and CEO of watchTowr.

Ekco will leverage the new technology within its managed security services division, which operates out of multiple SOCs (security operations centres) in Dublin, London and Kuala Lumpur, servicing hundreds of customers with managed security services, available 24/7/365.

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