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A device and configuration management specialist, Datajar deploy and manage Apple technology at scale for businesses and education institutions, with tens of thousands of Mac and iOS products in their care.

As a young startup business, Datajar had issues scaling their business with a traditional client/ server model. Cloudhelix worked closely with the Datajar team to deliver a container-based solution based on Kubernetes, an open source system that automates the scaling and management of containerised applications.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution and end-point delivery suite has drastically reduced the time it takes to onboard a client, making it quick and easy for customers to sign up and buy hundreds of Apple device licenses at a time. The solution makes for happy customers while allowing Datajar to meet the growing demands of their business.

The solutions deployed by Cloudhelix allow DataJAR to smoothly scale operations around the changing needs of their growing business. The predictable and innovative commercial model agreed between Cloudhelix and DataJar means they won’t fall victim to shock hikes in hosting costs as they grow, which is important for a young, startup business.

Many startups are tempted by public cloud providers and their attractive free tiers, but these offers aren’t very flexible when it comes to going above the available resource, which can prove costly for startups who see spikes in application activity. This is the last problem for startups to worry about, and precisely what our partnership with Datajar aimed to avoid.

Alongside Datajar’s managed PaaS, Cloudhelix provide ongoing development and infrastructure support to assist with their growing and changing platform. As Kubernetes is an 0pen source deployment, Datajar are free to easily port their software to any cloud platform in any region as they expand without the fear of vendor lock in.

When looking for infrastructure resource for a tech startup, it’s difficult to find cloud providers who are willing to speak to you unless you’ve secured serious funding. It’s at these early stages, though, that the experience and insight of infrastructure experts that can make a huge difference to startup businesses. This provides the perfect platform for scale and growth, and in turn provides Cloudhelix with healthily growing clients creating innovative software that lives on our cloud platform.

At Cloudhelix, we believe that the better we get to know a company, its goals, how it operates and what they require, we are able to offer far more value than hosting alone. Our work over the years with Datajar is testament to this, and is just one of many partnerships that allow us to ensure the cloud is working its hardest for our clients.

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