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FRP Advisory are one of the UK’s largest business advisory consultancies. They provide forensic, debt advisory and corporate finance services to enterprises going through strategic change.

Because of the nature of their work, FRP’s IT teams are constantly ingesting infrastructure from new clients and hosting it while advisory services are carried out. This makes their hosting and infrastructure requirements unique, as they need a platform they know can run whatever workloads they require. Due to the nature of FRP’s insolvency expertise, often the infrastructure they ingest is non-standard, which means their teams need a cloud platform they can count on, and additional resource ready and waiting, should they need it at any point during one of their engagements.

Utilising Cloudhelix’s private cloud platform gives FRP the peace of mind that applications can be deployed quickly and easily to meet client demand. It’s imperative their cloud infrastructure is robust and reliable, whatever challenges client technology throws their way.

Adding to this, the forensic analysis that FRP carry out for clients requires high-performance storage for maximum IO performance. Because of the sensitivity of the data, the IO required and the costs associated when running resource-heavy operations, traditional public cloud platforms weren’t an option for FRP.

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Cloudhelix provided a private cloud solution within memory compute on VMware with guaranteed read write IO performance. FRP are now completing batch processes in two hours that had previously taken over a day. This solution is simply not available in the market without buying, building and maintaining their own dedicated hardware.

Prior to working with Cloudhelix, hosting projects would stack up alongside ongoing client support, which meant FRP often relied on expensive freelance expertise to deliver projects. To move away from this, and save the business money, they handed over all infrastructure to Cloudhelix, freeing their team up to focus on revenue generating client projects by offloading support.

FRP also benefit from having Cloudhelix’s experts on-hand, available quickly and easily–without the hassle of support call centres to provide the insight they need to keep projects moving forward. This provides support for FRP across cloud strategy, internal IT requirements and also client projects, in which Cloudhelix are able to offer their expertise to ensure the best solution is realised for all parties involved.

At Cloudhelix, we believe that the better we get to know a company, its goals, how they operate and what they require from infrastructure, we are able to offer far more value than hosting alone or helping with a one-off project. Our work over the years with FRP is testament to this, and is just one of many partnerships that allow us to ensure the cloud is working its hardest for our clients.

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