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In Part 2 we deployed the vCloud Connector Server, now it’s time for the vCloud Connector Node:

Download and Install the vCloud Connector Node

The deployment process is exactly the same as the vCloud Connection Server;

  • Download the VMware vCloud Connection Node and unzip the contents of the file
  • Login to the vSphere Client with sufficient rights
  • From the File Menu, Select “Deploy OVF Template”
  • Click Browse, Navigate to the previously extracted zip file and run through the install wizard as shown below;

Having configured the nodes within the vCloud Connection Server and Nodes we can add the credcentials back in the VI Client as shown below

Before we can move machines from our vSphere Private Cloud into our vCloud Director Public Cloud we need to create a catalogue inside the target VDC as follows;

Thankfully that’s the tedious bits now complete and we can start to move VMs and vApps.

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