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Virtual Working

This year’s lockdown against coronavirus has transformed how we all connect. With the world turned upside down, staying in contact through technology despite our physical separation has become essential, as millions of us try to remain productive and mentally strong.

Tools for video conferencing and collaboration have become a way of life for many almost overnight, but what are the specific challenges for organisations that flow from our new reality?

In established companies, the enforced shift to remote working and virtual connections has meant taking stock of every aspect of IT infrastructure in order to keep staff productive, happy and connected. It’s being driven not just by tackling the short-term problem but, increasingly, by the bigger question of how to adapt for good. Just what will the new ‘normal’ look like in the post-lockdown world and how can companies be ready with systems that really work?

Our latest whitepaper, Don’t Look Back: IT Has to Deliver a New Normal explores this critical and compelling challenge. 2020 has forced digital change that organisations have been considering and wrestling with for years. It covers…

  • How to join the dots between remote working and digital transformation
  • The importance of virtual desktops in an uncertain world
  • How desktops can be the catalyst for cloud adoption.

You can download it for free here.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be releasing articles and e-books, as well as hosting online events, on this everchanging area of IT. If there are any specific areas you’d like our experts to cover, simply let us know on Twitter or via our contact page.

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