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Cloudhelix is now Ekco

After a couple of months of thinking, tinkering and building, the Cloudhelix team are delighted to bring you the latest version of our website.

Based on extensive user experience and testing, we’ve made easier to navigate, more informative, a little brighter and a whole lot nicer to look at.

What we set out to do

The world of managed hosting is a serious one, and rightly so. There’s a lot of trust involved in selecting a technology partner that suits your business.
However, this doesn’t mean that our website can’t be interesting. We’ve overhauled the user experience, injected colour, added graphics and better explained why we do what we do. It doesn’t mean that we’re any different to work with, but it does provide a better idea of the people behind the services. In time, we’ll be adding additional pages and information to give a flavour of what we’re like to work with.

What’s new

Apart from the fact it looks a little different, you can now request a quote across a range of services without speaking to a member of our team, getting you the information that really matters, faster. We have also added a range of downloadable PDF documents across each of our service pages, detailing the ins and outs of how our services work and some information around why you might need them.

On the website, Jake Story, Marketing Manager at Cloudhelix said “It’s a really exciting time for Cloudhelix. As well as an investment in marketing and our website, the business has already made a range of strategic hires across project management, client services and sales in 2018. We’re bolstering our team to continue delivering transformative solutions that allow enterprises working at real scale to feel the power of cloud-first thinking.”

Got an upcoming project, or interested to learn more about how we can help, be sure to drop us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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