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Turnkey has been providing insolvency software to the restructuring sector for over 40 years. Although their insolvency case management system was already being used by most in the industry, it was time to modernise. The vision? To build an efficient, digitised world for the insolvency industry.

The system in question is their signature product, IPS – a fully compliant and secure end-to-end platform designed to support the entire restructuring process from pre-appointment to finalisation. It also offers a creditor portal providing secure communication and collaboration between practitioners and the various parties involved in the insolvency process.

With efficiency and productivity at the heart of its aims, the decision to move to software as a service (SaaS) was the logical next step towards levelling up the IPS customer experience.

A collaborative process

The strong rapport we established during previous projects with Turnkey set us off on the ideal foot. We had mutual trust, similar ways of working and the same big ambitions for the software transformation project. “The teams learned a lot from working together,” says Ekco’s David Blesovsky. “Particularly in such a pressurised delivery environment.”

This collaborative way of working set the tone for the entire project. In fact, it was paramount in us building a strong understanding of how the teams at Turnkey operate, and engage with their clients.

Knowledge was shared, technical workshops were held and conversations around the commercial focus and importance of protecting clients’ data were plentiful.

The logistics

The new application, IPS Cloud, was entirely rewritten as a web application. This went live alongside the older version and the two will coexist for a number of years as customers transition to IPS Cloud.

We assisted Turnkey in creating a modern Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline to streamline the deployment process. The bonus of CI/CD is that it removes any delays caused by tasks that are managed by different teams of people.

Stable, scalable and secure

The project was driven by the ambition to improve user experience. Moving to a SaaS platform would mean forming a better, faster path to everything that Turnkey can deliver. From a customer perspective, the benefit of this is clear: stability. This is secure, reliable software that can be accessed anywhere, on any device and is guaranteed to be available 99.99% of the time. Somewhat of a game-changer in the insolvency world.

Speed of delivery is a huge area of importance for insolvency practitioners – a badly-timed outage can completely disrupt a process. Our cloud solution side-steps any risk here. Turnkey can seamlessly improve their product and release new features and compliance updates as they become available, with no interruption to service.

From an infrastructure perspective, the platform has the ability to scale up with ease. This means that if a client experiences a period of rapid growth or merges with another firm, they can easily scale up their usage of IPS Cloud. There are no implementation delays because there is no configuring to do. Simply add on the extra licenses required and they’re ready to go.

Innovation built on efficiency

As Turnkey COO Deborah Baxter phrased it, “The insolvency industry is evolving and digitisation is gathering pace, and partnering with Ekco has accelerated our transformation to a new cloud-based SaaS platform. Increasing workloads and mounting pressure to become more efficient has placed more demand than ever on IPs to adapt in order to remain competitive.”

IPS Cloud gives its users the chance to drive this change and become more efficient. It improves speed to market, and modernises their approach to solving customer challenges, thus setting the stage for innovation. This is what makes it such an advanced, business-boosting platform.

To find out how Ekco can support your application ambitions, get in touch with our team today. You can learn more about Turnkey here.

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