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Watch how Ekco Protect, Detect & Respond to Threats at Aviva Stadium

The Challenge

Organisations are facing more security challenges today than at any time in the past. Traditional defences are not working, new technologies introduce new risks, and conventional security practices are unsustainable. Human-Operated Ransomware is an advanced attack that represents a serious threat to organisations in all industries and has been very damaging in 2021.

The Response

The superb Ward Solutions team have developed a Preventative SOC’s XDR service, built on IBM QRadar helps you protect detect and respond to advanced persistent threats. We built a holistic security picture for Aviva Stadium, integrating endpoint, network traffic, security logs, user behaviour, threat intelligence and vulnerability data, across your complete estate from endpoint to cloud to deliver advanced protection and detection capabilities.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about our Preventative SOC’s eXtended Threat Detection and Response (XDR) service and how we can help protect you against the next cyber-attack please reach out, you can always talk to one of our specialists, and we will be happy to help.

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