Cutting the malware kill chain - join our event

Join us at the Marker Hotel, Dublin on 22nd September

Malware attacks don’t typically breach defences through a single machine or device.  And even if malware manages to penetrate your defences, there are ample opportunities to prevent its lateral movement across your network, thereby cutting the malware kill chain and stopping the breach in its tracks.

But do you know how to build an effective malware kill chain?

Our live event will provide independent insights into the world of cyber crime and introduce a host of expert presentations, which will surely provoke a re-examination of your security strategy across users and infrastructure.

The session will be followed by a rooftop BBQ and some light refreshments.  Let’s hope for a nice, balmy Dublin evening.



Secure your Space


  • Date 22/09/2022
  • Time @ 2pm to 4.30pm with BBQ and refreshments to follow
  • Cost The event is free but pre-registration is required.


  • The Marker Hotel
  • Grand Canal Square