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Drive productivity & enterprise innovation

Enterprises are looking to safeguard their future by moving away from technology and ways of working that put them at risk. Coupled with this, employees now expect to be able to work from anywhere, on any device. Ekco Workspace empowers teams to do this.


With our cloud platform providing consistent high performance, along with our leading support and cloud management, we'll help you move toward a scalable and secure cloud-first strategy, regardless of where you are today on the cloud journey.

We manage your infrastructure, we make disruptive cloud projects happen, we help you implement cloud best practice across your organisation.

What Ekco Workspace can do for you

Promote collaboration amongst teams and customers

As businesses migrate more services to the cloud, Ekco Workspace empowers your team and your customers to work from anywhere on any device.

Your benefits

Access data from anywhere, on any device
Have full control over your critical business information
Boost productivity
Remain GDPR compliant with minimal effort
Easily scale your IT infrastructure

Take back control of your data

Ekco Workspace gives you control over your IT workspace 

Your benefits

Uncompromised security
User friendly interfaces
More time to focus on your core business

Reduce business costs

Investment in IT systems can be costly. Ekco offers a complete solution with transparent pricing and minimal upfront expenses.

Your benefits

No hardware costs
Simple, transparent pricing
Mitigate against security risks

Focus on what's important

With Ekco's Workspace solutions, you can focus on your core business without worrying about the internal IT infrastructure. Reduce monitoring, security incidents and searching for lost files by choosing a service that manages that for you. 

Your benefits

Complete access control
Easy to implement
No loss of critical data
Local datacentres
Guaranteed peace of mind
Enterprise grade security

Expand your workspace portfolio

Expand your IT service portfolio with Ekco Workspace. Take advantage of our expertise with co branded sales & marketing material.

Your benefits

Access to customised marketing collateral
Dedicated support team
Attend educational webinars
Expand your service portfolio
Improve customer satisfaction with best of breed technologies

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