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Been tasked with migrating your data to the cloud but don’t know where to start? Our cloud specialists and architects are here to provide a silver lining. We will assess your operations, applications and infrastructure, and provide industry-leading advice and execution for a smooth transition, with minimal disruption.

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How can we help with your cloud migration?

Our comprehensive service offering includes:

  • Lift and shift – transferring onsite OSs (operating systems) to the cloud
  • End-user and database cloud migration
  • No code changes – no need to adjust your applications, we can migrate them as is, while reaping the benefits of cloud
  • Starting from scratch – let us rebuild, re-architect or refactor your apps, while optimising them for the cloud
  • Cost-effective software improvements

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What does the process look like?

Not only does our expertise, experience and flexibility differentiate us from other service providers, but our four-step migration process ensures that all bases are covered.

1. Discover and assess

During this first stage our team will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your existing infrastructure, databases, applications and unique business requirements
  • Verify and authenticate your organisation’s readiness for migration
  • Consult all relevant stakeholders to define appropriate strategic imperatives before implementation
  • Assess cost implications and optimise where possible
  • Develop a comprehensive migration plan with risk mitigation tactics


2. Design and build

In the design and build stage we will:

  • Develop effective policies and procedures to enhance reliability, flexibility and efficiency
  • Outline and build a solution that aligns with your organisation’s compliance, security  and budgetary requirements, while prioritising the realisation of pre-determined goals and outcomes
3. Optimise

During this phase we will facilitate:

  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building with internal IT teams
  • A transparent and accurate analysis of your cloud spend, and best practice approaches to maximise ongoing investments
  • Ways to minimise the need for future cloud migrations through leading-edge automation
  • Strict adherence to regulatory and compliance frameworks
4. Monitor, secure, and support

Measurement, evaluation and ongoing guidance is essential to successful and seamless cloud migration. Here, we will focus on:

  • Cloud resource management from one, centralised platform
  • Architectural reviews
  • Usage and spend analytics, governance and budgetary tracking
  • Ongoing cloud resource management services, incorporating best-effort security
  • Managed SIEM (security information and event management) / SOC (security operations centre) combined with ML (machine learning) and log analysis

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