Top 10 FAQs

  1. What's the pricing structure?

Pricing is based per user.

A user can be a backed-up Mailbox, OneDrive Account or Shared OneDrive Account. If a single user has both Mailbox and OneDrive backups, that counts as one billable user.

A shared/group mailbox does not need a user license, as long as all users that can access that mailbox are licensed.

  1. What does pricing include?

Pricing is per user. It is a single annual or multi-year subscription that includes:

  • Mailbox backup
  • OneDrive Account backup
  • SharePoint Document Library backup
  • Storage of backed up data
  • Access to centralised customer portal
  • 24/7 technical support

The minimum starter pack subscription includes up to 10 users (mailboxes only) per year and this can be scaled up to tens of thousands of users.

Each user license has unlimited storage subject to a fair use policy which can be pooled across all licensed users for a Microsoft 365 organisation.

  1. How does SharePoint licensing work?

SharePoint Document Library backups do not require direct licensing. They use the available storage allocated to users licensed for the Microsoft 365 organisation.

  1. How much extra does it cost to perform a restore?

Nothing. All restores are included in the price.

  1. Can I do a trial and if so, what do I need to download or install?

Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial. There's no installation necessary. You can simply sign up via our customer portal and connect a Microsoft 365 account. Backups are taken automatically and saved to the Ekco cloud.

During the 30-day trial, you can back up a maximum of 20 users across 2 organisations. Should you wish to increase this during your trial, please contact us on

  1. Can we use our own storage for the backups instead of Ekco’s cloud?

All Microsoft 365 storage is handled by Ekco and this cost is included in the price per user per month. Data is stored in the Ekco Cloud and it’s not possible to store the data elsewhere. There are currently no plans to allow storage to on-prem repositories or other storage accounts / cloud storage.

  1.  If we delete the Microsoft 365 user but want to keep the data, can we keep the backup?

Yes, there is an option to stop backups and retain the data. As long as the subscription is active, the content will be retained.

  1.  How long is backup data retained?

Indefinitely. Ekco’s default retention policy for Microsoft 365 backup is 3 years but data can be kept forever until a subscription is stopped.

  1.  Where is Ekco’s Microsoft 365 Backup data hosted?

Ekco only uses local datacentres so all your data is stored in Ireland. Ekco takes data protection very seriously and we can confidently stand by the physical security, certification, scalability, reliability, security and financial stability of our location.

  1.  What security mechanisms are in place to protect storing and transmission of data?

All backup data is protected by AES 256-bit encryption at rest. All data transmissions with third-party APIs (e.g., Microsoft 365) occur over TLS encryption.

Logins, setting changes, subscription management and accessing backed up data occurs over TLS encrypted channel with optional multifactor authentication available.

Administrative access to Ekco’s infrastructure is controlled through role-based access and centralised account management that provides improved monitoring of accounts and access.

Ekco's engineering teams proactively monitor and maintain the infrastructure 24/7

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