Minimise downtime and prevent data loss


Managed & Monitored by Experts

Ekco's team of experts are involved in designing, managing, installing and monitoring as well as proactively supporting various solutions from beginning to end.


Centralised Portal

Ekco’s customer portal gives you full visibility in one place, allowing you to access multiple backup sets, view backup reports and compare storage and quotas, all on a user friendly dashboard.


Secure, scalable & cost effective

We are committed to ensuring your data is secure which is why we use local data centres. Our solutions are designed to scale up or down depending on your business requirements.

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Unlimited Retention Periods

Automated long-term retention management save hours of IT time and ensures data is backed up and retained in compliance with RTO, RPO, and regulatory requirements.



Remain compliant with increasingly stringent regulations such as FIPS, SIMS & ISO 27001.

no capex

Competitive Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing model with no upfront costs and no hidden fees.


24/7 Support

Our expert team are available 24/7/365 for general support queries. Customer training is also available for all processes to ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities during a crisis.

Local data centre

Local Datacentres

We understand that where your data is located is important to you which is why we only use local datacentres. Ekco have datacentres located in Ireland, UK & Netherlands.

Key Features

Ekco Portal Dashboard

Centralised portal

Ekco’s Customer Portal is hosted on a user friendly dashboard and gives you full visibility of multiple backup sets. It can be fully white-labelled with your branding and appear as an extension of your business. Users can manage backup selections & retentions, access & schedule backup reports, self-provision users and manage quotas & storage.

Ekco Operations Team in Meeting

Proactive management & monitoring

The everyday task of monitoring and managing data can be time-consuming and risks such as human error, natural disasters, hackers, viruses and ransomware could impact negatively on your core business activities. Ekco’s team of experts proactively manage your backups and protect you from data loss arising from cyber threats, accidental deletion or system failures.



Ekco's innovative storage solutions are designed in a way that ensures you get the maximum performance and efficiency. Whether you are just starting out or your company is well-established, we have customised solutions to suit your needs.

Local data centre

Local data centres

With certified data centres based in Ireland, UK and the Netherlands, your data is secure and quickly accessible in the event of a hardware failure. You also remain compliant with stringent laws such as GDPR.


Agentless Cloud Backup Options available

Drastically reducing administrative costs, resource consumption and allowing a non disruptive service introduction to all tenants.

Global Deduplication

Bandwidth and storage optimisation

Our solution encrypts data at source, deduplicates and compresses it. The less data an organisation has to store, the more money it can save on storage hardware. Less stored data also means fewer backups.


Backup any file type

Backup data at any level, from a single file, message or data object to a complete physical or virtual machine.


Ekco's Backup Service

Ekco’s Managed Backup as a Service is secure, scalable, cost-effective and offers peace of mind. Working in real time, protecting data everywhere - on physical & virtual servers, endpoints and in the cloud. Ekco offers a fully managed cloud backup solution that monitors your backups for inconsistencies and proactively reports discrepancies back to you.


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Simplify backup & data management

As data management becomes more complex, businesses are struggling to confidently control their data, and legacy backup solutions such as physical tapes or hard drive are no longer a viable option. A more secure and flexible technology that adheres to compliance laws such as the GDPR is the only way to ensure your data remains protected.

Those who have already adopted cloud backup technologies are becoming more aware of their compliance obligations, restoration speeds and time spent managing backups.

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