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Data security remains top of the CIO agenda and with an ever-evolving threat landscape, pro-active, pre-emptive action coupled with continued vigilance is the order of the day.  Many of our IT security services are cloud-based, negating the need for on-premise equipment and the expensive administration overhead it typically requires. Our network operations centre manages and monitors connections across the globe, keeping your most precious digital assets safe from attack.

Our Services

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DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection service, powered by Akamai, is designed to stop DDoS attacks in the cloud, before they reach your applications, data centres, and infrastructure. The service is built on a DDoS mitigation platform with 20 global scrubbing centres, closer to users and attackers to minimise performance latency and improve network resiliency.

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Web Application Firewalls

We provide application security at the edge — closer to attackers and farther from your applications. Flexible protections help secure your entire application footprint and respond to changing business requirements, including APIs and cloud migration, with dramatically lower management overhead.

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API Protection

Our API Gateway, powered by Akamai solves the challenges of scale and agility introduced by traditional solutions. The unique API Gateway architecture distributes governance logic to the edge, helping with API service adoption for high availability without concern for scaling the infrastructure supporting a traditional gateway.

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Bot Management

Bot Manager provides organisations with a flexible framework to better manage the wide array of bots accessing their websites every day. It offers the abilities to identify bots as they first arrive, categorise different types of bots, even those designed to perform credential abuse and credential stuffing, and apply the most appropriate management policy for each category.

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Secure App Access

Our service is a unique cloud architecture that closes all inbound firewall ports, while ensuring that only authorised users and devices have access to the internal applications they need — not the entire network. No one can access applications directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure.

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Malware Prevention

Our malware prevention service, powered by Akamai is a cloud-based secure web gateway that is designed to help security teams ensure that users and devices can securely connect to the internet wherever they happen to be, without the intricacy and management overheads associated with other legacy security solutions.

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Business Benefits

  • High availability managed security services at the edge thanks to the resiliency of more than 240,000 servers in over 130 countries
  • Identity based secure access to business applications for internal, cloud and SaaS apps
  • Highly scalable, automated DDoS protection in seconds, without reducing performance
  • Protection for internet-facing assets such as network bandwidth, applications, servers and Internet of Things devices
  • Globally distributed recursive DNS service to protect against malware, ransomware and phishing attacks

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