Why choose IaaS?

No capex

No capex costs and reduced ongoing cost.

Eliminate upfront costs associated with setting up and managing an on site datacentre and only only pay for what you use. An economical option for start-ups and businesses testing new ideas.

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24/7 Support

Free around-the-clock technical support for all customers. You’ll feel the love.

Simple pricing

Simplified Pricing

No more complex pricing structures. With Ekco's industry-leading pricing structure, you'll know exactly what you’ll pay per month.


Enhanced proactive security and compliance

Keep your data protected. Our platform is certified on multiple international standards, including PCI-DSS.


Secure, reliable platform

Ekco's infrastructure is secured through a defense-in-depth layered approach. Access to the management network infrastructure is provided through multi-factor authentication points which restrict network-level access to infrastructure based on job function.

Data centre

Local datacentres

Certified data centres based in in Ireland, UK, Netherlands, US & Canada.

Easy monitoring

Ekco's IaaS Solution

Business is moving to the cloud and this has an impact on how we look at IT. High investments are being replaced by monthly payments. Exchange servers are being replaced by web applications in the cloud. Backup on the NAS becomes offsite backup in the cloud. But what if you want full control and need the computing power of a server but still enjoy the benefits of working in the cloud? IaaS from Ekco offers a solution.

Managed from a distance

Complete, scalable & customisable

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Ekco gives you access to your own data centre in the cloud. You receive everything you need to build a complete server environment, from IP address to computing power. How you use this is entirely up to you.

Use the vCloud Director to set up your RDS environment, host your client's application, or run your database. The great thing is that it is fully scalable so as your organisation grows, Ekco scales with you, without an initial one off investments.

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