United Kingdom

Ekco Reading Limited – Registered No. 03150374, VAT No. GB923131266

Databunker Limited – Registered No. 07066255, VAT No.GB985970256

Ekco London Limited – Registered No. 02820529, VAT No. GB603960353

Cloudhelix Limited – Registered No. 08470397, VAT No. GB161089122

Ekco UK Holdings Limited – Registered No. 11004488

Securevirtual Holdings Limited – Registered Number 08137968

Registered Office: c/o Ekco Reading Limited, Merlin House, Brunel Road, Theale, Berkshire, England, RG7 4AB, U.K.

UK Contact No. +44 208099 1501


Ekco Cloud Holdings DACHoldings DAC, Registered No. 593356

Ekco Cloud Limited – Registered No. 569141, VAT No: IE3386767BH

Ekco Cloud Dublin Limited – Registered No. 577024, VAT No. IE3404474EH

Registered Office: The Diamond, Main Street, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland

IE Contact Number: +353 1699 4540


Ekco Alkmaar (Cloud2 B.V.) – KvK No. 50594028, VAT No. NL825539432B01

InternetCorp.NL B.V.  – KvK No. 69057931, VAT No.NL825539432B01

Ekco Rotterdam (Luna.NL B.V.) –  KvK No. 24268199, VAT No. NL810772395B01

Datacomfort B.V. – KvK No. 52531406, VAT No. NL850487420B01

Registered Office: Koelmalaan 350, Unit 5.01, 1812 PS Alkmaar, Netherlands

Cloudteq online Werken B.V. –  KvK No. 04050480, VAT No. NL813190733B01

Cloudteq ICT B.V. – KvK No. 57930872, VAT No. NL852797497B01

Registered Office: Koelmalaan 350, Unit 5.01, 1812 PS Alkmaar, Netherlands

NL Contact Number: +31 85 822 7900

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