The Client & Brief

Native specialises in Aparthotel experiences and property leasing. They combine the freedom and authenticity of a local apartment with the comfort and convenience of a boutique hotel to their guests. 

As a customer of Ekco for over 10 years, Ekco has had the privilege of helping Native deliver core IT Infrastructure solutions and services to their business, in pursuit of providing the best online and booking experience possible, for all Native clientele. 

Most recently, Native re-tendered for their IaaS and Managed Services Partner, and from 14 proposals received and considered, Ekco were proud to be re-awarded the contract to work with Native for a further 3 years. 

The Solution

As a full-service cloud provider, Ekco delivers DaaS, IaaS and bespoke Application Hosting management and support services to Native. 

Ekco Desktop as a Services (DaaS) is supplied for c250 Native staff, coupled with a responsive ‘on demand’ 24-7 support wrap, to ensure Native staff can carry on working as productively and efficiently as possible and don’t have to worry about IT issues.  

Response times are key to the support, to ensure staff have minimal impact on their working day, especially during peak booking periods. 

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) component of the solution provides a dependable, 100% uptime, managed service, delivered on Ekco’s Private Cloud platform. Together with the business services, the Ekco Infrastructure hosts the business-critical booking engine and property management business application, along with the main booking website and mini-sites for each Aparthotel or Lease property. Each application plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of Native, so uptime and platform availability 24/7 are imperative. 

Being a private cloud platform, including management of the Internet access services, Ekco support Native with minimal reliance on third party upstream providers. Having this 365 visibility and management capability is critical to the success of managing large infrastructure environments for uptime-critical customers, like Native. 

Adam Bradley, Ekco’s UK MD, comments: “It’s been a pleasure to support Native through all the years of service, and is a genuine partnership. The team at Native have enjoyed working with a provider who is stoic, has minimal staff attrition and delivers a high level of care, and attention to detail. In return, Native are great to work with and we enjoy a fantastic working relationship built on trust and mutual respect. It would be remiss not to mention that the Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the hospitality sector. Throughout 2020, I and the Ekco team worked closely with Native to reduce costs where possible, whilst maintaining the same high level of support for the Native remote teams. As the hospitality sector starts to reopen, we’re looking forward to seeing the sector recover from what has been a devastating period for the industry.” 

Client Testimonial

“Ekco (formerly Secure Virtual) has been a valued partner to Native for over 10 years now. Like many businesses, Native 100% rely on our IT Infrastructure to operate effectively. As a 24/7 service provider to our guests, we must ensure our staff always have the access they need to core business information and services whenever they are needed. Having Ekco support us and our core business systems and applications has been critical to our success. The Ekco team is always on hand when we need them and we know that any issues are dealt with quickly, to ensure we can continue to concentrate on providing our customers with the best experience, which is what drives our business forward.” 

Richard Monday, Business Systems Director for Native. 


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