Ekco keeps you operational, no matter what.


Managed & Monitored

Delivering the most proactive management of your IT systems on the market. Ekco ensures your data is backed up at any level from a single file, message or data object to a complete physical or virtual machine, even to dissimilar hardware.

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Guaranteed RPO & RTO objectives

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are two key metrics in disaster recovery. Ekco guarantees your business will be back up and running as per your SLA.


24/7 Support

Including customer training for all processes to ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities during a crisis.

no capex

No capex costs & competitive pricing model

No hidden fees. No application add on fees. No bandwidth or support fees.


Anytime testing

Anytime testing for onsite DR environment when local standby is enabled. Annual testing for cloud environment.


AES Encryption

Data is encrypted in-flight and at rest.

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Cross hypervisor DR

Migrate the VMs from one hypervisor to another.

Local data centre

Local datacentres

Certified data centres based in Ireland, UK & the Netherlands.

Protect against all threats

In today's always-on world, any unexpected or unplanned downtime can result in irreparable damage in the form of financial risk, a decrease in productivity, customer loss and reputational damage.

The cost of unplanned downtime varies from business to business, however according to Gartner, the average cost of one minute of unscheduled downtime is approximately €5,000.* IT Professionals are now coming under increasing pressure to implement DR strategies to address current challenges. Ekco’s Disaster Recovery solution rivals traditional backup and DR strategies by reducing complexity and time spent managing your data, enabling you to recover quicker, lower costs and remain compliant.

*according to Gartner


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Why Ekco disaster recovery?

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Proactive Management & Monitoring

Designing and implementing a Disaster Recovery plan is a full time job. It also requires staying up to date with the latest technologies and industry best practices. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from Ekco alleviates that burden and looks after all the management and monitoring for you, leaving you to focus on your core business activities.

Universal recovery

Universal Recovery

Universal Recovery facilitates restore at any level, from a single file, message or data object to a complete physical or virtual machine, even to dissimilar hardware.

Local data centre

Local data centres

With certified data centres based in Ireland, UK and the Netherlands, your data is secure and quickly accessible in the event of a hardware failure. You also remain compliant with stringent laws such as GDPR.

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Automated DR testing available

Ekco offers much more than just replicating your systems and data to a secondary location. We prepare your standby systems for use every day and test them in our cloud so we can be sure that you get instant access to your standby systems should you need them.

Long term retention

Long term retention capabilities

Growing amounts of data coupled with stringent compliance regulations mean longer term retention is becoming increasingly important. Legacy archiving products like tape and magnetic disk are expensive, risky, and inefficient. Ekco’s cloud solution allows you to quickly access and retrieve your data.


Verified recovery

Perform automated recovery testing and verification of backups to ensure that the file systems, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server instances you backup will be recovered.


Simple & Transparent Pricing

Ekco’s pricing model is simple, cost-effective and predictable. Based on a subscription model, there’s no hidden fees or hardware costs, allowing you can scale up or down as demand changes.


Increase Productivity

Implementing Ekco Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) leaves you free to focus on your core business. 

Our dedicated team of experts will install, manage, monitor and proactively support your solution from start to finish, adding that extra layer of protection for your data. Our appliances and packages range in storage capacity and compute power to facilitate anything from local failover to cloud failover and instant recovery options. This managed service means the appliance arrives to site pre-configured and ready to go.

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What our customers say

Their testing service offers a unique depth of assurance that cannot be matched, and the expertise of their engineers has meant that we have complete peace of mind that any problematic areas will be quickly address and rectified.
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Frank Manoharan
Golding Holmes
We are reassured and confident that Ekco can take care of our data and in case of any disaster or major problem we know that our system will be back up and running in a very short period of time
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Fernando Bautista
IT Manager at Leverton Clarke

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