For insurance firms, compliance is king, meaning secure IT is a must. But how can you deliver this without compromising on user flexibility? With a complete end-to-end solution that lets staff focus on their work with minimal IT intervention. 

Our client was a new insurance firm spun from a well-known insurance brand with a 100-year legacy. We were tasked with reaching the same high levels of governance they were used to while giving their modern business the agility it needed to thrive. 

Turning Need into Action

As their teams are made up of businesspeople with expertise outside the tech world, our client was relying on us to be a solid alternative to an in-house IT department. They needed to be able to get new products and rates to market fast, share files securely and manage their client portfolios efficiently without any roadblocks. In other words, they wanted IT that just worked.  

With this dynamic for the project set, we started planning the kind of future-proof, robust systems we knew would prove beneficial. And thanks to our client having a little more freedom than they had within their previous firm, we were able to do this at speed, and with room to flex. 

A Fluid Approach to IT Transformation

Flexibility was at the heart of this project, which is crucial when it comes to IT transformation efforts. Instead of each step being set in stone, we could adapt and suggest new ideas along the way. We questioned the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ throughout, rather than centring on the ‘how’.  

“We were very much of the opinion that we just wanted a secure model. But Ekco asked, ‘What type of secure model?’” says a project manager from the client team. “They lead an awful lot of that thinking, when you’d usually get requirements wrapped up nicely in a box.” 

Collaboration was also key here – as with all Ekco projects, our role was to work as an extension of our client’s business. As such, we could source the information we needed to make any project ambitions a reality. 

“It’s been agile and we’ve been able to say what we want when we want… and for the most part, do what we want,” says the same project manager. “Which has been a refreshing change.” 

Minimal Effort for Busy Teams

Our client now has more than secure, reliable IT, they have a leading-edge solution that – from a technological infrastructure perspective – has placed them at the forefront of their sector. 

“They’re using some of the latest and greatest technology within Microsoft 365, such as sensitivity labels, which have only recently come out,” says Ekco Cloud Architect, Chris Rees. “They also have a highly secure, hosted environment for their data. And the latest and greatest laptop and end-user experience.” 

All of this translates to truly seamless processes for our client. In fact, the user experience is so good that a standard laptop can be shipped directly from Microsoft and configured remotely via Intune within M365. The user just enters their username and password and the machine automatically joins the domain before downloading the required software and policies. 

Nothing needs to be sent to Ekco first – it just works.

Expertise, Always Available

While we automated the majority of the day-to-day IT admin tasks, we remain a reliable point of contact for the client, providing first-line support for their people. Advising, guiding, and embracing any changing requirements – all while ensuring their governance needs are met.  

To us, this ability to grow with a project is the definition of being an end-to-end partner for IT transformation.

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